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2/22/19 Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons"

posted Feb 22, 2019, 8:48 AM by Steven Luksan
2/22/19 Tchaikovsky's "The Seasons"

Tchaikovsky is one of classical music's best-known composers, but when people think of his music, they generally think of orchestral masterpieces like his symphonies, ballets, or the piano or violin concertos. Tchaikovsky also wrote a lot of beautiful music for the solo piano, including a set of 12 pieces called "The Seasons" (each piece corresponds with one month out of the year).  This piece, "June - Barcarolle," is one of my favorites.  A barcarolle is a song traditionally sung by gondoliers (imagine the beautiful canals of Venice), but this barcarolle is unique, something that only Tchaikovsky could have created. 
Can you hear the rocking of a boat portrayed in this music?