Traditional, Suzuki, and "Blended" Piano Lessons in Seattle

Lessons for all ages in the Seattle area

Steven teaches piano lessons to students of all ages and is currently offering digital lessons via FaceTime or Zoom and in-person lessons at Music Center of the Northwest in Seattle, WA. Steven approaches piano instruction with the unique perspective of a composer and performer. His goal is to guide students through musical discoveries as they become well-rounded musicians. Steven also teaches music composition, offering instruction that draws upon his knowledge of the classical repertoire and popular styles. Steven has experience teaching students of all ages.

Traditional, Suzuki, or "Blended" Piano Lessons

Steven holds a Master's degree in music and is certified to teach Suzuki piano lessons. He offers "traditional" piano lessons (with a focus on learning to read music), Suzuki piano lessons, or lessons offering his own unique blend of these two styles.

For information about music lessons with Steven, please contact steven@stevenluksan.com.

What are "Suzuki" piano lessons?

“Suzuki” lessons are modeled after the teaching of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998). Dr. Suzuki believed that all children could develop extraordinary musical abilities. He believed music should be taught like language, with children learning how to play their instruments competently before they learn to read music (just as humans learn to speak fluently before they learn to read and write). Steven is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas and is certified to teach Suzuki piano lessons. Suzuki lessons are best for very young children.

What are "traditional" piano lessons?

“Traditional” lessons develop a student’s skills at the keyboard while simultaneously teaching them to read music. This style of lesson draws upon hundreds of years of pedagogical tradition to prepare students for success as they learn music of all styles. Traditional lessons are the best choice for older children or adults, and they are a great choice for children who have started learning to read.

What are "blended" piano lessons?

“Blended” lessons are Steven’s unique blend of traditional pedagogy and the Suzuki method. Students learn all the Suzuki method’s songs by ear but simultaneously start to read music and appreciate the relationship between what they hear and what they see. Steven has developed this style of teaching through years of experience as a performer, scholar, and educator. Blended lessons are best for young children (approximately ages 4-10).

Lessons at Music Center of the Northwest

Steven teaches both Traditional and Suzuki piano lessons at Music Center of the Northwest, a community music school in north Seattle. To sign up for lessons at Music Center, contact the office directly at (206) 526-8443 and request lessons with Steven.

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