Composer of the Month Club

Welcome to the Club!

Each month we'll explore the music of a composer or a specific theme in music history!

(Please note: Steven does not go back to previous months to check if the video links are still valid. If you come across a video that is down, let him know or try to find a similar video on YouTube!)

April 2022: Composer Posters

February 2022: Chen

November 2021: Bonds

October 2021: Music from the Opera

June 2021: Grieg

May 2021: Gershwin

April 2021: Handel

December 2020: Monteverdi

November 2020: Brahms

October 2020: Price

September 2020: Holst

July 2020: Ellington

June 2020: Williams

May 2020: Tchaikovsky

April 2020: Bach

March 2020: Schumann

February 2020: Beethoven

January 2020: Mozart